Other Activities

Boating & Sailing The UAE is a very appropriate place to own a yacht, boat or something that floats on the water. Sailing or boating means an activity with the ...read more
Horse Riding The relationship between man and horse flows deep into history, so deep that we can not precisely tell when this powerful and noble union really started. There was ...read more
Motocross and quad A rider, a bike special designed for off road and a lot of "blood". Riding a quad or a bike through the ever changing dunes it’s a ...read more
Cycling Most cyclists you will see in the UAE are labors or delivery boys on their bikes. You will be surprised at how big the community of professional and semi ...read more
Climbing Have you been climbing in the UAE? Most people could only fathom desert, dunes, sand, the Bur Al Arab and the Bur Khalifa t when they hear the letters ...read more
Off Road Driving through the desert (Rub Al Khali, the biggest sand desert in the world, totalling 780.000km²) may seem to be a game for some, but it is a ...read more