Kitesurfing & SUP

Words By: Jen Scully Photos By: Dayna Spencer of Kimmik Photography, Nin Londei and Jen Scully The sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) continues to grow bigger and bigger each more
Words By: Kris Goodbody Photos By: Kris Goodbody and Alex Brandstatter When many of us think of Kenya a handful of well worn images tend to come to mind. Maybe more
Words By: Jen Scully and Nick Yates of Live Love SUP Photos By: Natasha Yates, Vintage Apple Photography When you think of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) you usually think of more
Every year my family and I travel to a place far removed from the hurried modern world of traffic jams, endless queues, manic deadlines and the daily rush of life.A more
Dan at Surf Dubai introduced Stand Up Paddle Boarding to me about 18 months ago. Before then, I only used running as a way to get fit. Now, I take more