Words By + Photos Provided By: Adrian Hayes Following the tragic murder of 11 climbers at Nanga Parbat Base Camp on 22nd June, and the subsequent delay of a week, more
Words + Photos By: Sean James “There is no easy route to the summit. The easiest route is an airy and sometimes exposed ridge. Famous for its technical difficulty and more
Words + Photos By: Sean James This article is the second in a series of an ongoing attempt to summit all of the second highest peaks on each continent. Only more
Words + Photos By: Sean James It is dawn and we are crouching on Batian, the main summit of Mt Kenya. It is the second highest mountain in Africa. There more
UAE-based British adventurer Adrian Hayes announced last month his latest expedition that will see him attempt to summit the “Savage Mountain,” K2, the second-highest mountain on earth, on the border more
Age: 16 Occupation: Student Nationality: British His goal was to climb 828m, the equivalent height of the iconic Burj Khalifa, up the Adventure HQ wall on January 19th to raise more
Words + Photos: Pete Aldwinckle Many climbing related articles have little of interest for non-climbers as the focus are often technical climbing details and use of jargon such as crimp, more
Words + Photos: Gary Edwards I started from the wadi (start of the W4 footpath) at approximately 4:30 a.m. and 24°C. I made my way to the canyon edge using more