Big Red’s Happy Customers!

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Big Red Motorsports are one of the region’s leading providers of desert thrills in the region. With tours on buggies, motorbikes, quads and ATV’S, we spoke to some recent customers to find out all about their Big Red experience!

Anneke Du Preez, 23, Office Assistant, South African
The experience was amazing! It’s literally the best experience I’ve ever had in the desert, and Big Red offer a variety of options. For example, today we had a choice of an hour or two hours’ tour. We decided on the two-hour buggy tour. The view that you get from the tour is outstanding. I loved every part of it, especially the stops, where you get great tea! If you have your own buggy or bike, you can store it at Big Red’s storage containers and even go out for free rides with them.

I’ve been on three tours. The first ride I did was a private night ride. It was quite scary as you can’t actually see what’s happening in front of you! It’s literally just feeling the motion of the buggy and then seeing the dune right in front of you. The second tour I went on was a day tour, which was actually scarier as you can see exactly what’s happening when you go over the dunes! However, the vehicles are so strong and handle the dunes very well. We went on a big loop from Big Red, to 2nd December to Pink Rock. Every tour I have been on has been a different route, but with the same stops. It was amazing to see all the different views of the desert.

The group I was with included another couple and a teenager with his father. As long as a child can be harnessed in properly and can touch the pedals, then they will be allowed to drive, although this is only on flat surfaces, not on the dunes themselves. Big Red cater each route according to who is on the tour, so experienced riders and past customers get to tackle tougher dunes! The biggest group I’ve seen them take is five buggies, or ten buggies with two tour guides.

Big Red trust you to be responsible with your own vehicle, and also focus a lot on safety, keeping everything well maintained and clean. I would recommend the buggy experience to anyone and everyone because it’s absolutely amazing, feeling the dunes and actually going into the desert to see the camels and all the wildlife. Put this on your bucket list!

Bas Degeling, 43, New Equipment Director for the Middle East and Africa (elevator industry), Dutch
I started riding with Big Red about five months ago, after moving from South Africa to the UAE for work. The Big Red guys are great and very capable, and it’s also a fantastic environment in which to make new friends with other customers. You can create your own group of people who are at the same level, and go out into the desert to have fun!

Dubai is generally a hectic environment, so it’s great to get out into the desert and relax. Big Red Motorsports were recommended to me by a colleague of mine. I started riding with them and never looked for any other company. I now recommend Big Red to people who say they are looking to go out on a tour. In fact, we just had a two-hour buggy tour with colleagues, which is a nice thing to do. I prefer medium sized groups, and would say that buggies are perfect for children who want to come along on the rides.

Rob Dam, 27, Entrepreneur, Construction Industry, Dutch
I have been on tours with Big Red a couple of times before, but this was my first four-hour tour. With this tour you go a bit further into the desert and see new places. The guys always ask you if there’s anything you want to focus on or particularly want to do, e.g. riding on sabkhas or dunes. It changes over time of course, but the guides know where to go and where not to go, which is really helpful and much better than going out alone.

It’s about my tenth time riding with Big Red Motorsports, and I’m thinking of getting a bike here with them, as I love it so much! It’s definitely a hobby for me and is all about having fun in the desert. Booking is really easy and I now just send a Whatsapp asking if there’s any spare slots available. We agree on a time that suits us both, so it’s super convenient.

Randy Stoter, 27, Entrepreneur,, Dutch
I was invited by Rob, so today was my first time with Big Red Motorsports. It was great to get out and ride a bike in the desert! I was riding a small bike in my home country, but this was my first time in the sand. I liked feeling the speed and power of the bike, and hope to do some jumps in the dunes next time!

Big Red Motorsports is located in Sahara Amusement Centre, Nazwa Dubai – Hatta Road, E44.

You can contact them at +971 50 919 2394 or visit to find out more about their tours and to choose the best for you, family friends or for corporate groups.

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