Speed in Luxury: The Yamaha FX Jet Ski Series

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It’s that time of the year when the sun burns the earth and your skin with its heat-intense rays, while the beach is sprawling with tanned bodies and the shore teeming with activities and life. And for the thrill-seeking some, what better way to quench their thirst for a rush of adrenaline and enjoy the great watery outdoors with a jet ski that can blast you through the waves with maddening speed in style.

And that particular type of need for has subtly been provided for by Yamaha with its latest line of Jet Skis, the FX luxury series, configured to perform with optimum speed and comfort. The design of the latest line of Yamaha’s speedy watercraft was refined to bring the smooth and sleek out and suit the rider’s handling needs.

The latest line of Yamaha’s Jet Ski model is led by the flagship FX Cruiser SHO, a three-seating Jet Ski model that features a command link that offering the rider an easy access on the watercraft’s instrumentation switches. The FX Cruiser SHO’s seat design was also done to give the riders a good view of their surroundings while taking a ride down the waves. Other models featured in the luxury Jet Ski line include the FX SHO, FX Cruiser HO, and FX HO.

Another line of Jet Ski model to consider is VX Series WaveRunners, which Yamaha claimed to be the most affordable, reliable and fuel-efficient watercraft currently available in the market, and a top pick for the value minded buyers and rental operators alike due to its low maintenance feature. Another key feature of the VX line is its fuel-economy factor, being the best among three-seating Jet Ski models.

One more to consider in Yamaha’s speedy line of Jet Skis is the FZ Series, which company boasts as its epitome of high performance in its racing heritage.  The FZ Series features Yamaha’s 1.8 liter Supercharged engine, the largest displacement engine in the industry, along with Yamaha’s NanoXcel hull and deck, which are engineered using the latest nanotechnology to be light, strong and nimble.

If you’re the super sport adventurer who likes to gun through the waves with roaring engines under the summer heat, better put on a wet suit, try a ride out on one of these creations and zoom like a powerful jet stream on one of Arabia’s coastlines.


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